Welcoming a New Coworker with Flowers


Here at Conroy's Flowers Encino we know that often times when starting a new job it can be similar to starting a new school. You don't know anyone, and you want to make a good impression. But what about making a good impression on the team that is welcoming a new member? Welcoming a new co-worker with a gift is a great idea because it is a way to break the ice with a new teammate! No matter what industry your job is in welcoming a coworker with a small gift to say thank you for joining the team is a great idea. You may want to place a card on their desk welcoming them, you may even want to set up a small luncheon with your department so they can get to know everyone, or even send them a small floral bouquet like It's Your Day Bouquet and have it delivered to their desk.  All of these are a great way to welcome a new coworker if you are looking for an arrangement to welcome someone joining your team visit out Conroy's Flowers Encino website today!

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