Romantic Modern Flower Arrangements


Flower delivery might be the most romatic gift option in the history of romance. What is more romantic and lovely than receiving a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers to your front door or right to your desk at work. For the great modern romances, at Conroy's Flowers Encino, we've created a romantic, hat box bouquet filled with delicate and beautiful pink peonies surrounded by natural greenery like seeded eucalyptus and sweeping amaranthus. The light, sweet pink blossoms in this modern, sleek hatbox create the perfect juxtoposition for a modern romance. Want to show your special someone how much you care? Send flowers right to their front door! Our line of hat box flower arrangements are the perfect gift to make anyone feel happy and beautiful. Want to learn more? Check out our beautiful line of hat box flower arrangements to make you say, “wow!” in our Wow collection.

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