Box Flower Arrangements: A Twist on Modern Flower Arrangements

There is not a single gift we can think of that is more quintessentially romantic than a bouquet of flowers. When you think – “I need to give my special person a romantic gift,” flowers always make the short-list. Red roses, pink carnations blended together with soft, beautiful greenery, tied together in a perfect bunch and placed in a classic vase make for a gift that is traditional and beautiful. But what if your special someone has more modern taste?

Flowers are often thought of as a very traditional romantic gift. At Conoy’s Flowers Encino, we love modern and contemporary artistic arrangements. We work every day to craft arrangements on the cutting edge of flower artistry. Our modern flower arrangements are our specialty and our hat box arrangements are the most popular modern flower arrangements we create.

Our box flower arrangements bring together the traditional notes of beautiful floral arrangements with the modern appearance of sleek and colorful hat boxes. The hat box arrangements are modern and sleek, creating a more smooth and beautiful line. These modern flower arrangements feel more luxurious and unique than traditional arrangements, making them perfect for a special gift to someone with modern, sophisticated tastes.

For your sophisticated spouse, consider our Hat Box 6 flower arrangement. Crafted deftly with sleek, simple red and white roses, this arrangement has minimal greenery, bringing the focus back to the details of the roses, lending it a smooth, luxurious finish. This modern flower arrangement combines the traditional romantic notions of roses together with the modern style of a box arrangements.

Looking for something modern and feminine? The Box 13 Flower Arrangement takes gentle, delicate and feminine flowers and places them in a modern, sleek arrangement. This arrangement is filled with pink and white roses, calla lilies, hydrangeas and draping, fanciful red amaranths. This beautiful bouquet ties together the facets of romantic, delicate designs with sleek, modern presentation.

Want to learn more about our beautiful, custom-made hat box flower arrangements? Check out our Wow Collection to take a look at several of our luxurious, high end modern hat box flower arrangements. You can order these arrangements online and have them delivered to the entire Encino, California area same-day, 365 days a year.

Want a more customized modern flower arrangement in a hat box? Get in touch with us at Conroy’s Flowers Encino! One of our flower specialists will be happy to help match you to the most beautiful, unique modern flower arrangements.

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